Westar/Prairie Ridge Park



Address: Across the street to the west from Prairie Hills Middle School, 3200 North Lucille (Located just northeast of Dillon Nature Center)

Home to Blue Dragon Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

Parking: Spectator parking is the parking lot at Prairie Hills Middle School. Team and worker parking is located on site at Westar/Prairie Ridge Park.

Home to Blue Dragon Cross Country since before the 2012 season, Westar/Prairie Ridge Park is a unique cross country trek on a course built into the natural dunes of Kansas.

The last four Blue Dragon Cross Country Invitationals, now known as the Terry Masterson Invitational, have been contested at Prairie Ridge Park. The Park was the host of the 2013 and will be the host of the 2016 Region VI cross country championships.

For spectators, about 300 yards north of the start line is an access path where spectators can see the entire northern half of the course. From there, it’s not far back to the Stadium area for the finish of the races.

On the very north end of the course are a series of curves and hills that make for some interesting racing.

Spectators need to try and avoid walking through the native grass for the protection of the grass and to make sure that people won’t fall in unseen holes left by burrowing animals.