Main Office Phone Number: (620) 665-3593
Fax Number: (620) 665-3394
Twitter: @bluedragonsport


The Hutchinson Community College Blue Dragon Sports Information Office is at your service to assist you with coverage of HCC athletics.

Sports Information Director Steve Carpenter and his staff will be happy to serve you in coverage of all 12 Blue Dragon intercollegiate athletic teams during the 2016-17season.

The HCC Sports Information Office is temporarily located in the auditorium at Lockman Hall on the HCC main campus while the Hutchinson Sports Arena is going through renovations. The Sports Information office phone number is 620-665-3593. If you need to reach SID Steve Carpenter after hours, call his cell phone at 620-921-1242. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When Arena renovations are completed, the Sports Information Office will return to the second level where the Blue Dragon Athletic Office will be located in the Hutchinson Sports Arena.

Credential requests

Season or per-game media credentials newspaper/magazine, radio and television and are required to cover all 12 Blue Dragon intercollegiate athletic teams.

Requests can be made by calling the HCC Sports Information Office or faxing on company letterhead a request signed by the sports editor/director to 620-665-3394.

Per-game credentials must be made no later than two days prior to the event to be covered.

Media Will Call

If possible, credentials will be mailed out, but in case media members must pick them up at the site, please read the following procedures:

Gowans Stadium – Media Will Call will be located at the west ticket window of Gowans Stadium. The west ticket window will have direct access to the press box elevator.

Sports Arena – Media Will Call will be located in the ticket booth at the new south entrance to the newly renovated Sports Arena.

Media Parking

Gowans Stadium – There will be very limited parking for media members on the west side of Gowans Stadium. As of this time, there is nothing guaranteed in the way of media parking at Gowans Stadium so get there early. To the south of the stadium is a parking lot with protected crosswalk across 11th Avenue.

Sports Arena – Parking is free on the east and west sides of the Sports Arena for basketball and volleyball.

Interview Policy

Requests for interviews by all media must be made through the HCC Sports Information Office and then must be OKed through the head coach.

This policy goes for weekly and postgame interviews for all Blue Dragon student athletes throughout the season. Media members who do not follow this policy will be subject to revocation of credentials for the entire season.