Players in the NFL

The Blue Dragons have produced 33 players who have reached professional status in program history.

According to records, standout running back Mack Herron parlayed his time at Hutchinson in 1966 and 1967 into two stellar seasons at Kansas State University and then became the Blue Dragons’ first-ever NFL draft pick, being selected in the sixth round of the 1970 Draft by the Atlanta Falcons.

Since 1994, though, the number of Blue Dragon football players making it to the NFL dramatically increased. Of the 33 Blue Dragons to reach the professional level, 28 have come since 1994.

When Kyle Wilson was signed as an undrafted free agent after the 2018 Draft, that meant that Blue Dragon Football has had at least one player in five-straight seasons and in 6 of the last 7 seasons that a Blue Dragons is a part of an NFL rookie class.

The 2017 NFL Draft saw more Blue Dragons drafted and signed as undrafted free agents with seven former players getting tapped to have shots at professional football. Gerald Everett was a second-round pick of the Los Angeles Rams. Alvin Kamara was selected in the fourth round by the New Orleans Saints and Jeremiah Ledbetter was nabbed in the sixth round by the Detroit Lions. Marquavius Lewis, Claude George, Eddie Gordon and Tyler Williams all signed undrafted free agent deals.

The 2013 NFL Draft was historical for Blue Dragon football as Cordarrelle Patterson became the first Blue Dragon to be selected in the first round, going to the Minnesota Vikings with the 29th overall pick.

A then-record three Blue Dragons were in the 2013 NFL rookie class. In addition to Patterson, Angelo Pease went to Green Bay and Meshak Williams went to Baltimore as undrafted free agents.

The 2015 NFL Draft produced the Blue Dragons’ sixth drafted player in Markus Golden (2011), who moved on to Missouri and was drafted in the second round by the Arizona Cardinals, the second-highest drafted Dragon in team history.

Defensive tackle Toby Johnson (2012-13) was an undrafted free-agent signee of the Tennessee Titans.

The 2016 Draft saw De’Vondre Campbell (2011-12) be drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the fourth round. Antonio Longino (2012) signed as an undrafted free agent with the Cincinnati Bengals.


Blue Dragons In The NFL
Player Years at Hutch 1st NFL Team Acquired How (Year)
Kyle Wilson 2015-16 Philadephia Eagles Undrafted FA (2018)
Gerald Everett 2014 Los Angeles Rams Drafted-2nd round (2017)
Alvin Kamara 2014 New Orleans Saints Drafted-4th round (2017)
Jeremiah Ledbetter 2013-14 Detroit Lions Drafted 6th round (2017)
Marquavius Lewis 2013-14 Buffalo Bills Undrafted FA (2017)
Claude George 2013-14 Seattle Seahawks Undrafted FA (2017)
Eddie Gordon 2013-14 Carolina Panthers Undrafted FA (2017)
Tyler Williams 2013-14 Atlanta Falcons Undrafted FA (2017)
De’Vondre Campbell 2012 Atlanta Falcons Drafted-4th Round (2016)
Antonio Longino 2012 Cincinnati Bengals Undrafted FA (2016)
Markus Golden 2011 Arizona Cardinals Drafted-2nd Round (2015)
Toby Johnson 2012-13 Tennessee Titans Undrafted FA (2015)
Cordarrelle Patterson 2010-11 Minnesota Vikings Drafted-1st Round (2013)
Angelo Pease 2010-11 Green Bay Packers Undrafted FA (2013)
Meshak Williams 2009-10 Baltimore Ravens Undrafted FA (2013)
Jasper Simmons 2007-08 Pittsburgh Steelers Undrafted FA (2010)
Nehemiah Warrick 2004-05 New York Giants Undrafted FA (2007)
David Dixon 2004 San Francisco 49ers Undrafted FA (2005)
Phil Hawkins 2001 Baltimore Ravens Undrafted FA (2004)
Greg Cole 1999-2000 San Diego Chargers Undrafted FA (2003)
Tank Reese 1999-2000 Kansas City Chiefs Undrafted FA (2003)
Shaun Hill 1998-99 Minnesota Vikings Undrafted FA (2002)
Kevin Barry 1997-98 Green Bay Packers Undrafted FA (2002)
Terrell Washington 1998 Houston Texans Undrafted FA (2002)
Mario Monds 1996-97 Cincinnati Bengals Drafted-6th Round (1999)
Arland Bruce 1996-97 San Francisco 49ers Undrafted FA (2000)
Tinker Keck 1995-96 New York Giants Undrafted FA (1999)
Jason Gamble 1994-95 Tennessee Titans Undrafted FA (1998)
Aaron Manning 1984 Cincinnati Bengals Undrafted FA (1987)
Gordon Brown 1981-82 Baltimore Colts Undrafted FA (1987)
Curtis Townsend 1973-74 St. Louis Cardinals Drafted-10th Round (1977)
Jerome Dove 1972-73 Oakland Raiders Drafted-8th Round (1976)
Mack Herron 1966-67 Atlanta Falcons Drafted-6th Round (1970)
Players still active are in bold