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Blue Dragon Dragon Dolls

The Hutchinson Community College Dance Team was formed in the fall of 1961 and the first team was called the “Coettes.” This was around the time of the first college dance team out of Texas; “The Kilgore Rangerettes” was formed.

Alene and John Kline thought it would be entertaining to start a dance team at Hutchinson Community Junior College. So at a basketball halftime, a hat was passed and money was given to start the first team at Hutch.

Two members of the college faculty, Ruby Munzer and Mandy Leotolees along with Mrs. Kline, were directors of the first team. The first choreographer was Trudy Lovett. After Lovett, choreography was done by Elmer Gibson.

Bonnie Neville was hired as choreographer, instructor in 1970. She remains in that position today.

The first captain of the Coettes was Pat Ross, and in 1962 the co captains were Sue Williams Franko and Ellen Hageman.

The name of the dance team was changed in 1964 after a contest was held and names were submitted. “Dragon Dolls” was the name chosen in 1964 and replaced the Coettes.

This year, the Dragon Dolls will perform at all three Blue Dragon home football games. The team’s performance schedule for basketball hasn’t been announced. The Dragon Dolls will perform at the NJCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in March and at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The 2007-08 Dragon Dolls consists of 16 members, including two captains and two lieutenants. Group auditions are held in the spring of each year.